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Discover an endless craft studio in your own home with Aunt Annie’s craft material recipes. Pint-sized Picassos can express themselves with homemade finger paints in a rainbow of colors, while miniature Michelangelos will love making their own modeling dough. Sticker seal gum allows kids to create fun stickers of their own design—perfect for keeping in touch with pen pals all over the globe. Watch this page for more recipes coming soon!

The projects range in difficulty from VERY EASY to AVERAGE.

On this page, find craft material projects made from ordinary household materials. Choose a recipe and mix up endless creative possibilities!

  • Finger Paint Recipe - Why bother with a brush? Cavemen didn’t mind getting messy in pursuit of their art, and you won’t either with this simple finger paint recipe.


  • Bread Clay Recipe - This recipe makes a durable and very pliable clay that can be colored vibrantly. This clay is particularly good for making items that will get heavy use, like beads and playing pieces for games. All you do is mix white glue into shredded white bread and add color with a bit of paint.


  • Cinnamon Clay Recipe - This recipe makes a sweet smelling dough that can be made into ornaments or package decorations. Just mix together applesauce,  cinnamon, and a bit of glue to create a clay that is perfect for rolling out and cutting shapes with cookie cutters.


  • Homemade Bubble Solution - Soap isn’t just for bathtime. Breathe life into shimmering soap bubbles with this simple solution, and share its special magic with the whole family.


  • Homemade Modeling Dough Recipe - Squishable, squeezable, and versatile, this easy to make modeling dough can be crafted into paintable masterpieces or reused many times as a play dough. Add color with a few drops of food coloring and see what sculptures you can create!


  • Waxing Paper - Make your own custom waxed papers! Learn the technique of waxing paper and in no time you will be making waxed papers in any colors or designs you like. You can use waxed paper in the place of vellum in many crafts. Its translucent nature makes it a natural for luminaries!


  • Paper Charms and Gift Tags -  Punch or cut custom DIY waxed paper in small shapes to make charms for greeting cards, gift tags, or as gift wrap additions. Use the included printable pattern or design your own charms and window clings. It's easy to turn colored paper into something special by waxing it! 


  • Seal Gum Recipe -  Follow this recipe to make homemade "lick and stick" sticker adhesive. Turn any drawing into a sticker, and give letters, notebooks, and paper crafts a personal touch! This adhesive also works great as mucilage on the flaps of handmade envelopes.


  • Quick Papier-mâché Pulp - Papier-mâché, or paper-mâché, is a time-honored craft beloved by kids worldwide. Don’t worry about the mess with this quick paper pulp; just mix, mold, and admire. Great for family, group or classroom crafts!


  • Dracula's Blood Recipe - This recipe for fake blood transforms trick-or-treaters from Type O to Type Oh, No! in just a few minutes. Vampires, zombies and other mythical monsters beware: you might even scare yourself.


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Waxed paper luminary

Make a luminary with your homemade waxed paper.

Dough clay mancala game board

Related project: Use dough clay to model, bake then paint all sorts of items. The recipe for baked dough clay, and a game board made with this dough, are in The Game of Mancala craft project.

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