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Stars and stripes show your spirit in this easy 4th of July craft project collection! Kids and adults can both make patriotic red, white and blue crafts and festive decorations for Independence Day barbeques, picnics, and parties. 4th of July crafts marked with Friday Fun are great for family, classroom or group craft time.

The projects range in difficulty from VERY EASY to AVERAGE.

Celebrate America’s independence this Fourth of July with red, white and blue crafts for kids and adults! Browse this collection, then select a project and get crafty!

  • Stars and Stripes String Light Covers - Turn your patio string lights into dazzling stars and stripes with easy to make light covers. Each light cover is four circles glued together to make a four-sided tetrahedron. Cut a slit in one face and slip the string light through—that's all it takes!


  • Fourth of July Crackers Friday Fun - You don’t need real firecrackers to have a blast on the Fourth of July. POP open this patriotic craft for kids and create a fire-free red, white and blue cracker that can be reused for Independence Day after Day! Makes a terrific party favor, too.


  • Stenciled Stars T-Shirts - Take a plain T-shirt or a tired old T-shirt and perk it up with stenciled designs. Use the printable stars stencil pattern to make star-spangled T-shirts for Independence Day. The whole family can pitch-in to make custom T-shirts in patriotic colors.


  • Stars and Stripes Pennant Banner Friday Fun - This Fourth of July, celebrate your Inde-pennants! This red, white and blue decoration is an easy July 4th craft for children and adults that will brighten any patriotic party, indoors or out.


  • Recycled Tin Can Candle Holders Friday Fun - Imagine quiet conversation on a patio or porch in the light of flickering candles. These simple candle holder luminaries are made from recycled cans that are left plain or painted. The candle holders are fun to make as a family or group project.


  • Patriotic Star Garland Friday Fun - Be a star this July 4th with festive red, white and blue Independence Day decorations. From President’s Day to Flag Day, these patriotic paper crafts will wave gallantly o’er the ramparts.  All it takes is a few folds and one snip to make perfect five-pointed stars!


  • Dangle Cards - Like America, this 3-dimensional card stands on its own. A rotating patriotic dangle makes a red, white and blue craft for kids or adults into a special Independence Day card that doubles as a centerpiece! Write a Fourth of July message in it—just don’t forget to add your John Hancock.


  • Easy Pinwheel Friday Fun - A Fourth of July breeze is more fun with a patriotic pinwheel! Make this easy Independence Day craft for kids with  Aunt Annie's Red and Blue Star ePapers, and enjoy a spinning salute to freedom.


  • Chinese Paper Lanterns Friday Fun - Chinese paper lanterns make colorful and inexpensive decorations. Best of all, they are so quick and easy you can get the kids involved in making them. Follow the instructions in this craft project to make colorful lanterns using a single sheet of paper.


  • Ring Toss Game Friday Fun - Hot dogs? Check. Sparklers? Check. Ring toss? Of course! This 4th of July craft for kids, grown-ups and everyone in between is a simple game that can be reused at any party, whether it’s Independence Day or a birthday! Aunt Annie includes a set of rules so everyone knows how to play.


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Chines Paper Lanterns

Tip: Make Chinese Paper Lanterns in a jiff! They are simple and easy to make and add a festive touch to any party or cookout.

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