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Greeting Card Class 2

About the tutorials

This is the second set of monthly greeting card tutorials offered by Aunt Annie's Crafts! These tutorials go beyond the basics and demonstrate ideas and techniques to further enhance your handmade cards. Start here or with the the original Greeting Card Class tutorials, then browse the Greeting Card Ideas crafts for even more cards made using the techniques presented in the tutorials!  And finally, be sure to checkout the Pop-up Cards!

The tutorials range in difficulty from VERY EASY to AVERAGE

Browse down this page for descriptions and illustrations of the tutorials, then select a tutorial and have some crafting fun!

  • Scalloped Edge Cards Tutorial #1 - In this greeting card tutorial learn how to make a fancy edge on your handmade greeting cards using scallops and a paper punch. This is a quick and easy way to add a strong design element along the right-side or bottom edges of your card.


  • Strip Folding Cards Tutorial #2 - In this greeting card tutorial, learn how to use folded paper strips to give your card added depth with three-dimensional layers. This card making technique is a great way to enhance a small image or photo and to use decorative paper leftovers.


  • Strip Folding Heart Cards Tutorial #3 -In this greeting card tutorial, make a card for Mother's Day or your sweetheart that features a framed heart motif while learning how to use a strip folding template. Once you learn this technique using the heart template, additional motifs can be made using other templates.


  • Dangler Cards Tutorial #4 - Go beyond the ordinary with this novelty card featuring a dangle that twists and turns. See how easy it is to make this freestanding greeting card with a 3-dimensional opening for hanging your special dangle.


  • Pop-up Age Birthday Cards Tutorial #5 - Make a birthday card that features the child's (or adult's) age as a pop-up. There's something almost magical about pop-ups that delights both children and adults. After you make this card, you will be able to add a similar V-fold pop-up to any greeting card.


  • Cutout Edge Cards Tutorial #6 - Special edge treatments are one of the things that can set your homemade card apart from a store-bought card. This greeting card tutorial shows how to add a cutout edge detail to your rubber stamped cards. Also, see how to draw a background using felt-tip markers.


  • Pocket Folder for Greeting Cards Tutorial #7 - This simple folder is perfect for storing your handmade cards, and with multiple folders, you can arrange the cards by theme or occasion. When selling or giving your cards as a set, make a folder to match your handmade cards.


  • Ribbon Edge Christmas Cards Tutorial #8 - 'Tis the season for ribbons! Take your homemade Christmas cards up a notch by adding a ribbon edge. In this tutorial you'll learn how to create a decorative cut edge that is enhanced with a ribbon backing. You'll also learn how to make a stamp from an eraser and use it make plain and checkered backgrounds.


  • Sponged Paper Cards Tutorial #9 - See how easy it is to create custom decorative papers for use in your card making. The beauty of sponging is the limitless range of color possibilities—make whatever color paper you desire! Make the springtime sample cards or come up with your own design.


  • Invitation Card Set Tutorial #10, Part 1 - Make a set of six invitations from a single sheet of letter-size, patterned paper! In about the same amount of time that it would take you to make a batch of identical invitations, you can create unique invitations to send to each of your guests!


  • Christmas Card Set Tutorial #10, Part 2 - Make handmade Christmas cards to send to family and friends in a flash! Just stamp up a sheet of cardstock and cut it into to six pieces. Add some red and green paper and Christmas-themed rubber stamps to make six totally unique Christmas cards!


  • Step Pop-Up Cards Tutorial #11 - Make a pop-up greeting card for a variety of occasions. See how easy it is to make a step pop-up mechanism, also sometimes called a platform or double-slit pop-up. Once you learn this technique, it's a simple matter to create pop-up cards of your own design.


  • Double-sided Paper Window Card Tutorial #12 - See how quick and easy it is to make a window card with double-sided paper or cardstock. Just cut, fold and glue and then decorate with stamps and cutouts. Since the two sides of double-sided paper are meant to go together, you'll always get a color coordinated card!


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