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About the projects

This series features projects to do for Halloween, but don't limit your use of these projects to Halloween. The Halloween Cone Hats are suitable in any season, make the Halloween Suncatchers in different shapes for other holidays, follow the directions in Halloween Mobile to make mobiles for any season, and Dracula's Blood can be used anytime fake blood is needed.

For spooky digital papers to download and print, see Aunt Annie's Digital Papers for Halloween.

The projects range in difficulty from VERY EASY to EASY.

Browse down this page for descriptions and illustrations of the projects, then select a project and have some crafting fun!

  • Kids' Halloween Spook House Dangler Cards Friday Fun - In this project, kids make a house spook from black construction paper with an opening to peer inside at the ghostly residents. This craft project is a kid version of the grown-up Dangler Cards with jack-o'-lantern danglers for Halloween.


  • Halloween Dangler Cards - These free-standing Halloween cards with ghost or jack-o'-lantern danglers serve double-duty as a greeting card and a fun decoration for Halloween. Make several for your friends and family and some for yourself.


  • Colorful Tissue Ghosts Friday Fun - What could be cuter than little ghosts in a bowl? Tissue ghosts are an easy, inexpensive way to decorate for Halloween. In this project you'll see how to make a colorful version of the traditional tissue ghost by adding fading color accents.


  • Halloween Cone Hats - Make simple, cone-shaped hats for Halloween. Instructions are given for a clown's hat, a wizard's hat, and a witch's hat. The hats can be the basis for a Halloween costume. 0r make a hat, add some make-up and old clothes to complete the costume.


  • Dracula's Blood Recipe Friday Fun - Here's a recipe to make fake blood for Halloween. Drip some from the corners of your mouth, and in your best imitation of Dracula say, "I want your blood."


  • Ghost Garland - This colorful garland of ghosts is a quick and easy way to decorate for Halloween. The project includes printable patterns for ghosts and illustrated instructions for making the garland based on a paper chain in Halloween colors.


  • Sew-a-Pumpkin Halloween Favor Friday Fun - Create these truly unique pumpkin-shaped Halloween party favors filled with candy corn. This is an easy craft that's a twist on the traditional Sewing Cards craft. Great for group, family and classroom crafting!


  • Halloween Suncatchers - Make Halloween suncatchers shaped like bats, ghosts and jack-o'-lanterns.  Hang the suncatchers in your windows and give some as gifts. Suncatchers are easy to make and are a great vehicle for creativity—make them in a variety of colors and add your own special touches.


  • Halloween Mobile Friday Fun - Mobiles of ghosts, jack-o'-lanterns, witches, bats and black cats make great decorations for Halloween. Follow the instructions in this project to make a quick and easy mobile using simple materials. After completing this project you will be able to make mobiles for any holiday or theme. 


  • Halloween Trick or Treat Bags Friday Fun - It's quick and easy to make trick or treat bags in any size you like to collect treats as you go from door to door. All it takes is a stack of books and a sheet of paper to make the basic bag. You can also create smaller bags for Halloween party goodies or to hand out to the trick-or-treaters who come to your door!


  • Halloween Pop-Up Cards - Give your friends or family members a little fright with these easy to make Halloween pop-up cards! In practically no time you can make a special Halloween card with a jack-o'-lantern pop-up inside.


  • Halloween Treat Bags Friday Fun - Give your Halloween trick-or-treaters a colorful handmade bag filled with treats! Each bag holds several pieces of candy, two cookies, some caramel corn or a small toy. They are great for Halloween party favors, too!


  • Cutouts for Halloween - Make super easy indoor and outdoor decorations for Halloween with Aunt Annie's patterns for Halloween cutouts. The ghoulish shapes include jack-o'-lanterns, bats, spiders, cats, and ghosts that can be used to decorate windows, doors, bulletin boards, party rooms, porches, and more. The jack-o'-lantern cutout can even be used as a mask! 


  • Creepy-Crawly Spider Bracelet Friday Fun - Make a creepy, crawly spider that can wiggle and twist about with a few movements of the wrist. Traced fingers are the basis for this animated spider toy, and a paper fastener allows it to swivel around. This is a fun and easy Halloween project that is especially good for mixed-age groups of children. 


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Chinese paper lanterns in orange, red and yellow

Make Chinese Paper Lanterns in oranges, reds, blacks and yellows to decorate your Halloween party.

Halloween treat boxes

Tip: See the Rectangular Box project for a pattern to make Halloween Treat Boxes.

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