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Valentine's Day Printables

Browse down this page for descriptions and illustrations of the printables, then download, print, and have some crafting fun!  Check out Aunt Annie's Valentine's Day Cards and Valentine's Day Crafts for fun ideas.

Quick Valentine's Day Cards and Envelopes

Heart Stickers

Heart Templates and Cutouts

  • Heart Template Patterns - This printable page includes templates for four styles of hearts in three sizes. Print the pattern to cardstock and cut out the templates. To use, place a template along a folded edge, trace and cut out. Open the folded paper to reveal a heart shape. Use the pattern to make cards like those in the Leaf Silhouette Cards tutorial.

Valentine's Day Heart Pop-Ups

From Valentine Heart Pop-Up Cards...
Separate Pop-Ups
Separate pop-ups for handmade or commercial cards - colored
Colored •  B&W
Large Red Pop-Ups
Large separate pop-ups for handmade or commercial cards - Be my Valentine
Large Purple Pop-Ups
Large separate pop-ups for handmade or commercial cards - hearts on purple
From Valentine Heart Chain Pop-Up Card...
Pen 'n Ink Hearts
Pen 'n Ink Hearts to cut out
Colored •  B&W
Heart Chain Pop-ups
Separate heart chain pop-ups
Colored •  B&W

Valentine's Day Digital Paper Downloads

It’s a scientific fact that moms love handmade gifts more than anything else. Whether kids craft a unique keepsake booklet, a loving card, or a cute trinket, there's nothing more special to Mom. Mother's Day is the perfect time to try making something new and fun!

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Bonus Pattern

Tri-tetraflexagon Valentine - all faces

Tip: Print the Valentine's Day tri-tetraflexagon pattern to make a unique Valentine. It features three sides. Fold the Valentine to find the hidden one! For complete instructions, see  Valentine Tri-tetraflexagon.

Easy gift bag with paper ribbon trim

Tip: Decorate Easy Gift Bags with paper ribbons like this Pen 'n Ink Hearts Paper Ribbon or other paper ribbon downloads from Aunt Annie.

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