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Gifts Kids Can Make for Dad

Dads are always there—helping with homework, giving rides and advice, and so much more. Father’s Day for kids is a special opportunity to show Dad how much he means! Homemade gifts for Dad are his favorites, and offer Father’s Day activities that the whole family can enjoy with Dad.

Find some fun homemade Father’s Day craft ideas below (and remember—Mom, Grandma, Grandpa or Aunt and Uncle might like them too!). Crafts marked with Friday Fun are great for classroom or group craft time.

The projects range in difficulty from VERY EASY to AVERAGE.

Pictures say more than words, but pictures and words together will help you decide which of these fun and creative Father’s Day craft ideas to make for Dad this Father’s Day!

  • Stenciled T-Shirts - It might be a little fishy, but Dad will love this wearable homemade Father’s Day gift. Fish and seahorse stencils will have kids imagining a deep-sea dive for buried treasure, while Dad will treasure this shirt for many beach trips to come. You can also use your own store-bought stencil of one of Dad’s favorite things!


  • Pencil Toppers Friday Fun - Show Dad he’s tops with a thoughtful, creative pencil topper. This homemade Father’s Day craft will remind him how much you love him every time he writes a note! The craft project includes suggestions for silly, funny and heartfelt pencil topper gifts to make for Dad using Aunt Annie's Homemade Modeling Dough.


  • Simple Father's Day Cards Friday Fun - Don’t yell it, spell it! Handmade cards for Dad that spell out "D-A-D" are an easy Father’s Day craft project with results that Dad will cherish. Kids will have fun making these simple paper cutout cards and giving them as gifts, and Dad will appreciate the love and effort put into them.


  • The Game of Achi - Achi, a board game from Ghana, is a great Father’s Day activity for kids and the whole family! Dad will love a handmade Achi board made with either felt or paper as a Father’s Day gift, and you can spend hours together playing this entertaining and easy game.


  • Ring Toss Game Friday Fun - Head outside with Dad this Father’s Day for an exciting game of ring toss, using Dad’s very own homemade gift set! It’s a fun and functional Father’s Day craft activity that can be played outdoors on the lawn, or indoors on rainy days. Rules are included, so you, Dad, and the rest of your friends and family can play with this Father’s Day craft any time of year.


  • Dangle Cards - Wait—how does it work? Dad will be impressed by this handmade novelty card that stands up on its own, showing off a dangling piece with images and a Father’s Day message. Father’s Day crafts from kids are the things Dad loves most—he’ll put this homemade card on his desk so he can look at it every day.


  • Hand-woven Bookmarks - Dad can save his place in style with this handmade gift for Father’s Day. A handwoven bookmark is easy to make, and it’s one of Aunt Annie’s favorite Father’s Day craft projects! If Dad is more of a coffee drinker than an avid reader, just increase the loom size to make him a special cup coaster.


  • 3D Refrigerator Magnets Friday Fun - A great activity for Father’s Day, 3D Refrigerator Magnets provides kids with a fun craft project that Dad will love. His handmade set of plaster of Paris magnets can decorate the fridge, a file cabinet at work, or any other metal surface. Make him a special Father’s Day card for the magnet to hold!


  • Vegetable and Fruit Printing Friday Fun - Hate eating your veggies? Good news. In this fun gift wrap paper project, you’ll use vegetables to make patterned Father’s Day gift wrap! This Father’s Day craft for kids can be done with very young children, but older kids will love it too. You’ll be amazed at the classic potato print (let alone the results of less traditional fruits and veggies)!


  • Flexagons - Dads are great at solving puzzles. How else could they help with confusing math assignments? This handmade Father’s Day toy will be a great escape for Dad when he needs a break. Flexagons are folded paper polygons that can shift from color to color just as quickly as Dad can pick you up and swing you around. This is project in the series, Geometric Toys to Make.


Teddy bear pencil topper

Tip: Other animal head Pencil Toppers can be model like the teddy bear. Change the placement and shape of the ears to make a dog. Use pink dough as a basis for a pig. Your imagination is the limit!

Tri-hexaflexagon - alternate view

Dads who like puzzles and games will love Flexagons, folded paper polygons that have the neat feature of changing faces as they are flexed. Included with the Hexa-hexaflexagons project is a bonus pattern for making a perfectly sized gift box.

Stenciled seahorse enhanced with liquid embroidery

Wouldn't Dad look great in a T-shirt stenciled with a fish or a seahorse?

Bag for game pieces made with Adinkra Sankofa ePaper printed on fabric

Tip: The Adinkra ePaper included in the The Game of Achi craft project can be printed onto fabric to make a small bag for game pieces.

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