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Welcome to Aunt Annie's Crafts!

Take a look around. You'll find crafting fun for children, teens and adults. A craft how-to is featured each Monday, with a special craft treat added each Wednesday, and at the end of the week it's Friday Fun with simple crafts for families, groups or classrooms.

Featured this week: Simple flexagon with a hidden third side!

  • Tri-tetraflexagons - In this project, you'll make the tri-tetraflexagon which is one of the simplest and easiest to make flexagons. It looks like a simple paper square with a front and a back, but hidden inside is another side (or face) that is revealed by folding the square in half and flexing it.

  • Wednesday Treat: New numbered tri-hexaflexagon patterns!

    This week's Wednesday Treat is a set of new Numbered Tri-Hexaflexagon patterns for the Flexagons craft project. These numbered patterns are geared towards classroom use. For the most creativity, use the black & white pattern and have the students color the triangles for each numbered face in a different color or/and pattern.

  • This Week's Friday Fun: Turn a square of paper into a flying bird!

    Origami Flying Bird - A bow isn't the only way to top off a gift package. All it takes is a square of paper and a few folds to make an origami bird to decorate your present. The flying bird has fewer folds than most origami birds. This makes it an ideal origami craft project for beginning folders and children.

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Featured last week: Make nesting pentagon-shaped boxes!

  • Pentagon Box - Make a pentagonal-shaped box with an attached lid in various sizes with colored and black & white printable patterns. The boxes range in size from 3" to 1¾" and nest together for storage. Use the boxes individually, or stacked, as gift boxes, favors or for storing jewelry and other trinkets.

  • Wednesday Treat: New stars and stripes pentagon box patterns!

    Last week's Wednesday Treat was a set of Stars and Stripes Pentagon Box patterns for the Pentagon Box craft project. Make the box for Memorial Day or any patriotic occasion. Fill the box with a token of appreciation for your someone special in the military!

  • Last Week's Friday Fun: Easy to cut 5-pointed stars strung into a garland!

    Patriotic Star Garland - Cut five-pointed stars from red, white and blue paper and string them to make a garland! Use the garland to decorate for Memorial Day, Flag Day or the Fourth of July. This is a great craft for kids and families.

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