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Welcome to Aunt Annie's Crafts!

Take a look around. You'll find crafting fun for children, teens and adults. A craft how-to is featured each Monday, with a special craft treat added each Wednesday, and at the end of the week it's Friday Fun with simple crafts for families, groups or classrooms.

Featured this week: Tri-hexaflexagons, a most mysterious toy!

  • Flexagons - Learn how to make a flexagon, a most fascinating geometric toy! Flexagons are folded paper polygons that have the neat feature of changing faces as they are flexed. With a quick fold, change a flexagon that is green and yellow to green and blue, then to yellow and blue. This is a project in the series, Geometric Toys to Make.

  • Wednesday Treat: New flexagon patterns with equilateral triangles!

    This week's Wednesday treat is a new set of tri-hexagon flexagon patterns featuring equilateral triangles! See the interesting patterns created by the smaller, equilateral triangles that make up the triangles on each face of the Flexagons. Color the triangles on the black & white (B&W) Equilateral pattern to make your own designs.

    Come back on Friday for a new Friday Fun craft project!

  • This Week's Friday Fun: Flag pennants for Memorial Day and July 4th!

    Stars and Stripes Pennant Banner - Make red, white and blue pennants with stars and stripes, then string them together to create a banner. The banner can be used to decorate inside or outside for the Memorial Day, 4th of July or anytime you have a patriotic theme party.

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Featured last week: Make stick puppets with moving parts!

  • Animated Stick Puppets - Pep up your stick puppets by giving them the ability to move! Make a fish wiggle as it swims, and have puppet people move their arms. This project includes printable patterns for all the puppets needed in the puppet play, The Defeat of Great Glooskap.

  • Wednesday Treat: New printable monkey stick puppet patterns!

    Last week's Wednesday treat was a new set of monkey stick puppet patterns! Use these printable patterns to create playful monkey puppets with arms that move. Follow the instructions in the Animated Stick Puppets craft project for how to make the puppets.

  • Last Week's Friday Fun: A wonderful group craft: Doorknob hangers!

    Doorknob Hangers - In this project, see how easy it is to make doorknob hangers to communicate with your family and friends. Create a hanger with any message and pictures you like. You might put 'Do Not Disturb' on one side and 'Wake In Time for School' on the other side. Use your imagination!

    For more family, classroom or group crafts see the Friday Fun Crafts collection!

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Greeting card tutorials

Greeting card tutorials are a regular feature on Aunt Annie's Crafts. Each tutorial builds on prior card projects. It's like taking a class on making handmade greeting cards.

This month's featured card idea is Stenciled Cards! Make cards with purchased or punched stencils and a bit of paint. If you are new to card making, the tutorials in the Card Class are a great place to learn many techniques for making beautiful cards. Then for more ideas and techniques, go on to Card Class 2.


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