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Simple Folded Bouquet
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Simple Folded Bouquet

What you will make:

In this project, make a pretty bouquet out of construction paper and tissue paper. No pattern is needed: just fold, cut, tape and glue! When finished, the bouquet will stand on its own and be ready to display.

This project is well-suited for family, group or classroom craft time. With a little preparation by the adult or teen leader, this project will go quickly.

Here's what you need:
  • Construction paper—brown and green
  • Tissue paper—yellow and pink
  • Scissors
  • White glue or glue stick
  • Clear tape
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Optional: White tissue paper (as an alternative to the yellow and pink tissue paper), markers

This project is rated EASY to do.

How to Make a Simple Folded Bouquet

Read all of the steps before starting.
Step 1: Project Preparation

Gather the materials needed to make the folded bouquet. If needed, cut the green and brown construction paper to 9" by 12" (standard sheet). Cut two 10" (25 cm) squares of yellow tissue paper and a 6¼" (15 cm) square of pink tissue paper. White tissue paper may be used in place of the yellow and pink tissue paper. Use markers to color the white tissue paper.

Tip: If you are doing this craft with a group of children, make a sample bouquet and pre-cut enough paper for the entire group. For added creativity, let the children select their own colors of construction paper and tissue paper.

Step 2: Create Center

Scrunch up one square of the yellow tissue paper into a tight ball. The tissue ball should be about 2" (5 cm) in diameter. Place the ball in the center of the other yellow tissue paper square.

Bring the edges of the square down around the ball and smooth out. Tear off a 3½" (9 cm) piece of tape and wrap around the gathered tissue near the bottom edges. Do not wrap tightly.

Tip: The bouquet center will measure about 2" in diameter and 4" in height.

Step 3: Fold and Cut

Fold the brown construction paper in half lengthwise. Use a ruler and pencil to mark cutting lines.

Draw a line lengthwise 1½" (4 cm) in from the open edges. Draw lines crosswise from the first line to the folded edge, spacing them 1" (2.5 cm) apart. Repeat with the green paper, but make the crosswise lines ½" (1.5 cm) apart.

On both papers, cut through both layers on the crosswise lines from the folded edge.

Step 4: Wrap Green Paper

Wrap the green construction paper around the yellow tissue paper roll. Hold the tissue roll with its rounded end up and the green paper with the cut edge up. The top edges of the tissue roll and the construction paper should be even.

Tape the lower side edge of the green paper to the tissue roll. Wrap the green paper loosely around the tissue roll. It will wrap 2 to 3 times. Tape the second edge of the green paper to the underlying green paper. The green flaps form the stems of the bouquet florets.

Step 5: Wrap Brown Paper

Wrap the brown construction paper around the green construction paper. Hold the brown paper about ½" (1.5 cm) lower than the green paper and tape down the edge anywhere onto the roll. Wrap the brown paper very loosely around the green paper by using your fingers as spacers. Try to keep the brown flaps offset from each other. This layer should wrap around 2 or fewer times.

Tape the second edge of the brown paper to the underlying brown paper. Trim off any yellow tissue paper that is hanging below the brown paper.

Tip: The bouquet should now be able to stand up by itself.

Step 6: Cut Florets

Cut the pink tissue paper into 25 squares to make the florets. To do this, fan-fold the pink tissue paper so it has five layers that are 1ΒΌ" (3 cm) wide . Cut across all five layers four times, in equal sections about 1¼" (3 cm) apart. Unfold the strips and cut on all the folds. There are now 25 small squares of pink tissue paper.

Push your finger into the center of each square to form the small florets.

Step 7: Glue

Hold one finger inside the top of a green fold—this is a stem. Place a dab of glue onto the top center of the green fold. Hold a finger from the other hand inside a floret and press it onto the glue. Repeat for all the green folds.

Tip: A glue stick can also be used—just apply liberally.

Step 8: Finish

After the glue dries, reshape the florets to look pretty. Push down on the brown flaps so they are rounded on the top.

That's it! Enjoy your bouquet!
Fluffed bouquet

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Before you start:
  • Make a place to work.
  • Read all of the directions.
  • Gather everything you need to do the project.
  • Think about the project. Imagine how it will look and what you will do with it.

Are you ready?
Okay, get started!!!

Thanks to...

Thanks to Janet LaFara for creating this craft project for Aunt Annie's Craft Page in 1997.

Taller folded bouquet

Tip: For a different look, cut the brown flaps and curl them over a pencil. For a taller bouquet, fold the green and brown construction paper in half crosswise, matching the two short ends.

Fluff out bouquet to make it fuller

Tip: Fluff the florets and stems to make a fuller bouquet.

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