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Step-by-step instructions. Printable patterns. Updates each week.
Step-by-step instructions. Printable patterns.

Crafts for kids and adults!

Take a look around. You'll find crafting fun for children, teens and adults. A craft how-to is featured each Monday, with a special craft treat added on Wednesday, and at the end of the week it's Friday Fun with simple crafts for kids, families, groups or classrooms.

Featured this week

Greeting Card Tutorials: Make greeting cards with a fancy edge!

Scalloped Edge Cards - This tutorial marks the start of the second series of the Greeting Card Class. In this greeting card tutorial learn how to make a fancy edge on your handmade greeting cards using scallops (or waves) and a paper punch. This is a quick and easy way to add a strong design element along the right-side or bottom of your card.

Wednesday Treat: Digital paper with baby birds!

This week's Wednesday Treat is a new digital paper download featuring Baby Birds. Use this ePaper to make baby shower invitations, handmade greeting cards, or any Boxes and Bags craft. This ePaper coordinates with the Birds and Stars digital paper.

Friday Fun! A make-believe garden for kids to plant!

Seed Catalog Garden - Make a play garden by cutting up seed catalogs or magazines—you could even use clip art you download and print. Cutting pictures for the garden, making the garden, and playing with it will keep kids busy for hours.


Featured last week

Puppets to Make: Recycle empty cardboard tubes into puppets!

Toilet Paper Tube Puppets - Winter in Latvia is long and cold. What will the Farmer and his family do to make it through? Use empty toilet paper tubes to make these finger puppets, and find out what happens when the family takes Grandfather's Advice.

Wednesday Treat: Make a fire-breathing dragon finger puppet!

Last week's Wednesday treat was a craft project for making a dragon finger puppet to go with the Toilet Paper Tube Puppets! It's easy to make the puppet, just wrap the tube cover around the cardboard tube, add the ridge tail, legs, and some flames. Your feisty dragon will give the other puppets a scare.

Friday Fun! Make a leather (or felt) wristband for mom

Suede Leather Bracelets - In this project, create a bracelet from scraps of suede leather. Cut a strip of leather, glue on motifs of a contrasting color and fasten with a Velcro® fastener. This is a good first leather craft project and requires no special leather craft tools.


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Greeting card tutorials

Greeting card tutorials are a regular feature on Aunt Annie's Crafts. Each tutorial builds on prior card projects. It's like taking a class on making handmade greeting cards.

This month's featured card tutorial is Serendipity Square Greeting Card Tutorial.

In this greeting card tutorial, learn how to use leftover scraps of paper and cardstock to make colorful serendipity squares that are then combined in various ways to make beautiful cards. Once you learn how to make serendipity squares, you'll never need to throw away those small scraps of paper again!

If you are new to card making, the tutorials in the Card Class are a great place to learn many techniques for making beautiful cards. Then for more ideas and techniques, go on to Card Class 2.


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