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Welcome to Aunt Annie's Crafts!

Take a look around. You'll find crafting fun for children, teens and adults. A craft how-to is featured each Monday, with a special craft treat added each Wednesday, and at the end of the week it's Friday Fun with simple crafts for families, groups or classrooms.

Featured this week: 3-D Halloween card or table decoration!

  • Halloween Dangler Cards - These free-standing Halloween cards with ghost or jack-o'-lantern danglers serve double-duty as a greeting card and a fun decoration for Halloween. Make several for your friends and family and some for yourself.

  • Wednesday Treat: Halloween paper ribbons for quick craft decorating!

    This week's Wednesday treat is a new printable page of 1-inch wide Halloween Ribbons with stripes, candy corn, and bats. Use these  bands to decorate Halloween Cone Hats or treat bags, and to wrap around party favors.  These ribbons/bands are a quick and easy way to decorate crafts for Halloween.

    Come back on Friday for a Friday Fun craft project!

  • This Week's Friday Fun: Make a spider for Halloween to wear on your wrist!

    Creepy-Crawly Spider Bracelet - Make a creepy, crawly spider that can wiggle and twist about with a few movements of the wrist. Traced fingers are the basis for this animated spider toy, and a paper fastener allows it to swivel around. This is a fun and easy Halloween project that is especially good for mixed-age groups of children.

    For more family, classroom or group crafts see the Friday Fun Crafts collection!

Featured last week: Square flexagon that doubles as a card!

  • Tri-tetraflexagons - In this project, you'll make the tri-tetraflexagon which is one of the simplest and easiest to make flexagons. It looks like a simple paper square with a front and a back, but hidden inside is another side (or face) that is revealed by folding the square in half and flexing it.

  • Wednesday Treat: New dodecahedron 2021 calendar to print and make!

    Last week's Wednesday treat was a new 2021 dodecahedron calendar pattern. Make a 3-dimensional calendar for 2021 to give as a gift or set on your desk in the coming year. This 12-sided, dodecahedron is made following the instructions in the Platonic Solids craft project.

  • Last Week's Friday Fun: Recycle cardboard tubes into a little box!

    Trinket Box - Use recycled materials to make this trinket box. All it takes to make this cutie are empty cardboard tubes, a cereal box and scraps of ribbon or paper. You are sure to want to make more than one!

    For more family, classroom or group crafts see the Friday Fun Crafts collection!

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Greeting card tutorials

Greeting card tutorials are a regular feature on Aunt Annie's Crafts. Each tutorial builds on prior card projects. It's like taking a class on making handmade greeting cards.

This month's featured card tutorial is  Four Patch Cards. Use this simple card making idea to create two beautiful greeting cards from a single 6" by 6" sheet of decorative paper. With this versatile technique you can make great looking card designs with ease!

 If you are new to card making, the tutorials in the Card Class are a great place to learn many techniques for making beautiful cards. Then for more ideas and techniques, go on to Card Class 2.


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