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About the projects

Learn how to make handmade paper using simple tools and recycled paper. Explore papermaking techniques and create beautiful papers to use in your crafts.

The projects range in difficulty from EASY to AVERAGE.

Browse down this page for descriptions and illustrations of the projects, then select a project and have some crafting fun!

  • Handmade Paper from Recycled Scraps - In this project, learn how to make paper by hand from recycled scraps of paper. Learn techniques that will give the best results at home, along with simple and inexpensive alternatives for children or beginners who just want to experiment.


  • Mold and Deckle - A mold and deckle is an essential tool for handmade papermaking. Instructions are given for making the Mold and Deckle from wood, recycled picture frames or, especially for beginners and children, a simple plastic canvas and cardboard version..


  • How to Ply Handmade Paper - This project shows you how to use paper plying to create decorative effects on your handmade paper. Paper plying is the technique of making paper with two or more layers. The resulting two-sided paper can be used in all of your paper crafts. You can even create paper sculptures by making 2-ply paper with embedded wire.


  • Mini-Envelopes for Gift Enclosure Cards - Use the mini-envelope templates to make envelopes that fit gift enclosure cards that are 2¼", 2½" and 2¾" square. See how to make visually striking gift cards and matching envelopes using Handmade Paper with a Contrasting Border.


It's fun to make handmade paper!
Examples of handmade paper

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Plastic canvas and cardboard mold and deckle

Tip: This simple plastic canvas and cardboard mold and deckle can be used to learn the basics of papermaking without a big investment.

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