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Geometric Toys to Make

About the projects

These craft projects are fun to make, but also teach some basics of geometry. Learn about radial symmetry by making paper snowflakes. Try to solve puzzles using the basic geometric shapes in a set of tangrams. Take geometry to the third dimension with Platonic solids, and have fun finding hidden surfaces with flexagons! For even more geometric fun, see the roundup of crafts based on Triangles!

The projects range in difficulty from VERY EASY to AVERAGE.

Browse down this page for descriptions and illustrations of the projects, then select a project and have some crafting fun!

  • Flexagons - Learn how to make a flexagon, a most fascinating geometric toy! Flexagons are folded paper polygons that have the neat feature of changing faces as they are flexed. With a quick fold, change a flexagon that is green and yellow to green and blue, then to yellow and blue.


  • Geometric Solids - In this project, make three of the five Platonic solids—tetrahedron, octahedron, and icosahedron. These geometric models can be used for things beyond learning about solid geometry. Decorate them and make a colorful mobile or use them as gift boxes.


  • Mini-boomerangs - In this project, see how to make mini-boomerangs that really fly and return to the thrower! These tiny boomerangs are launched with a flick of a finger and can be played with inside. The project includes printable patterns and ideas for aerodynamic experiments.


  • Tri-tetraflexagons - In this project, you'll make the tri-tetraflexagon which is one of the simplest and easiest to make flexagons. It looks like a simple paper square with a front and a back, but hidden inside is another side (or face) that is revealed by folding the square in half and flexing it.


  • Hexa-hexaflexagons - Learn how to make a really fun geometric toy—a six-sided, six-faced flexagon called a hexa-hexaflexagon! It looks like an ordinary, two-dimensional, paper hexagon with a front and a back, but hidden inside are four more sides (or faces) that become visible by flexing the paper. The project also includes patterns for tetra- and penta-hexaflexagons.


  • Symmetry in Snowflakes - Learn how to make paper snowflakes. This project includes patterns for several different snowflakes, including Aunt Annie's favorites. You will also learn about the symmetry found in every snowflake.


  • Tangram Puzzles - Learn to make the tangram puzzle game that originated in China during the 1800's. It is a puzzle that requires imagination and creativity. The project includes patterns for making tangrams and several printable puzzle sheets with shapes you are challenged to duplicate.


  • Platonic Solids - In this craft project, learn a simple technique based on circles for making all five Platonic solids—tetrahedron, octahedron, icosahedron, cube, and dodecahedron. The solids can be also be decorated and used as giftboxes.


  • Patriotic Star Garland Friday Fun - Cut five-pointed stars from red, white and blue paper and string them to make a garland! Use the garland to decorate for Memorial Day, Flag Day or the Fourth of July. This is a great craft for kids and families.


  • Easy Paper Snowflakes Friday Fun - Learn an easy way to make snowflakes from tissue paper. With this technique you can make a whole flurry of snowflakes in a hurry! Using tissue paper makes cutting through many layers easier, but you can use any lightweight paper you like.


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Heart-shaped Valentine's Day cards

Decorate your home with paper snowflakes.

Gift boxes made from geometric solids patterns using ePaper

Make gift boxes using the Geometric Solids patterns.

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