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Find some fun homemade Mother’s Day craft ideas below. Whether it's a homemade card or a specially wrapped gift, Mom is sure to love it since you made it! Crafts marked with Friday Fun are great for classroom or group craft time.

The projects range in difficulty from VERY EASY to AVERAGE.

Pictures say more than words, but pictures and words together will help you decide which of these fun and creative Mother’s Day craft ideas to make for Mom this Mother’s Day!

  • Kids' Pocket Mother's Day Cards Friday Fun - This craft project is a kid version of the grown-up Pocket Greeting Cards Tutorial. These fun and unique cards for Mother's Day feature a pocket on the front that the kids can fill with little gifts for Mom.


  • Easy Mother's Day Cards Friday Fun - Mom will love these pretty cards with simple paper cutouts. Express yourself by adding a drawing, rubber stamps, or clip-art.


  • Mother's Day Pop-Up Card - Pop goes the weasel—and so does this easy pop-up card! Everyone from little crafters to teens and adults will enjoy making this card. You can also add pop-up hearts to commercial cards. What will you write on your pop-up heart?


  • Pocket Cards Tutorial - Everything is better with pockets! This card tutorial will teach you how to make greeting cards with pockets—fill them with little paper presents for a truly special someone. Mom will love a pocket card whether made by her older kids or filled with small notes and pictures made by her youngest.


  • Step Pop-Up Cards - Make a pop-up greeting card for a variety of occasions. Make a pop-up card for Mother's Day  with rubber stamped elements and/or with messages and banners from printable sheets. Once you learn this technique, it's a simple matter to create pop-up cards of your own design.


  • Vegetable and Fruit Printing Friday Fun - Hate eating your veggies? Good news. In this fun gift wrap paper project, you’ll use vegetables to make patterned gift wrap! This Mother’s Day craft for kids can be done with very young children, but older kids will love it too. You’ll be amazed at the classic potato print (let alone the results of less traditional fruits and veggies)!


  • Tissue Paper Painting Friday Fun - Make colorful tissue paper with this super easy technique. Simply pleat a piece of tissue paper and paint the folded edges. Mom will love this colorful paper. The painted tissue paper may be used to wrap packages, to cover box lids, line envelopes, and in greeting cards, suncatchers, collages, and much more.


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Gifts to make for Mom

Tip:  Mother’s Day for kids is a special opportunity to show Mom how much she means! Homemade gifts made for Mom are sure to be her favorites whether it's a unique keepsake booklet, handmade soap, or a cute trinket. Aunt Annie has several crafts to make for Mom—check them out!

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