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Marbled eggs
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Easter and Spring Crafts Friday Fun

Marbled Eggs

What you will make:

Egg decorating is an Easter tradition in most homes. Eggs symbolize the rebirth that comes in spring. Here’s a technique for making marbled eggs that requires no special materials, and produces beautiful results with very little effort.

Related project: See the Basic Egg Dyeing project for how to make solid-colored eggs.

Here's what you need:
  • Eggs (hard-boiled or raw)
  • Food coloring
  • Vinegar
  • Cooking oil
  • Mugs—one per color
  • Paper towels
  • Spoons

This project is rated VERY EASY to do.

How to Make Marbled Eggs

Read all of the steps before starting.
Step 1: Prepare Dye Baths

In each mug, combine one tablespoon each of oil and vinegar with your choice of food coloring. Use less food coloring for pastel colors. Add enough water to make the liquid deep enough to cover an egg.

Step 2: Raw Eggs (optional)

For raw eggs, make a dime-sized hole at the bottom of the egg. Make a pinhole at the other end. Blow or shake to remove the yolk and egg white. Rinse the egg and allow it to dry.

Step 3: Dip Eggs

Swirl the liquid with a spoon, and quickly lower and raise an egg in it. Pat dry with a paper towel. Repeat with second and third colors, if desired. Always be sure to stir the liquid before dipping the egg.

Step 4: Finish

Gently pat dry the completed egg. Leave some of the oil to give it a varnished look.

That's it! Your eggs are ready for the Easter basket!
Marbled eggs in basket

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Before you start:
  • Make a place to work.
  • Read all of the directions.
  • Gather everything you need to do the project.
  • Think about the project. Imagine how it will look and what you will do with it.

Are you ready?
Okay, get started!!!

Marbled egg with green over spring green

Tip: Dye eggs a solid color (see how in Basic Egg Dyeing) then marble in a coordinating color. This egg was dyed a yellow-green, then marbled in medium green.

Mottled looking egg

Tip: Don't throw away old food coloring! Dried bits of food coloring can give your eggs a speckled look.

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