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Cards Kids Can Make

Greeting cards made by kids!
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Serendipity Square Father's Day Card

It's a surprise!
Kids' Serendipity Square Father's Day Cards
What you will make:

This craft project is a kid version of the grown-up Serendipity Square Cards tutorial. Like in the adult version, scraps of paper are used to make colorful serendipity squares that can be combined in many ways to make one-of-a-kind greeting cards.

In this project, kids combine construction paper with serendipity squares and a Father's Day greeting to make a card for Dad. Every card is unique and showcases the creative ideas of the child artist! Of course, the card can be made for any occasion by changing the greeting.

This project is great for family, classroom or group craft time. It requires no patterns and uses basic craft materials. The craft can be done in one or two sessions, depending on the time available.

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Here's what you need:
  • Colored construction paper, 9" by 12"
  • White construction paper or drawing paper, 9" by 12"
  • Colorful scraps of paper and cardstock
  • Crayons, colored pencils, or markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Ruler or paper trimmer
  • Optional: Rubberstamps and stamp pads, leftover stickers, decorative-edge scissors

» » Everything you need is in the Basic Craft Box! « «

This project is rated VERY EASY to do.

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Before you start
  • Make a place to work.
  • Read all of the directions.
  • Gather everything you need to do the project.
  • Think about the project. Imagine how it will look and what you will do with it.

How to Make Serendipity Square Father's Day Cards

Read all of the steps before starting.
Step 1: Project Preparation

Pre-cut the paper. Cut the 9" by 12" colored construction paper in half to make two 9" by 6" halves. Cut the 9" by 12" white construction paper or drawing paper in quarters that are 4½" by 6". Each card requires one of the 9" by 6" colored construction papers and two of the 4½" by 6" white papers.

Gather scraps of paper in a variety of colors. Cut any large scraps into smaller pieces that are no larger than ½" in the smallest dimension.

Tip: If you are short of scraps, randomly cut strips of paper with a paper cutter or scissors.

Step 2: Fold

Fold the 9" by 6" colored construction paper in half. This is your card blank. Set it aside for now.

Tip: Plan ahead. Will the card be presented in an envelope? If so, check the card against the size(s) of envelopes you have. Cut the card down a bit, if needed, to fit inside the envelope—do this before cutting your squares and gluing them to the card. See Aunt Annie's Envelopes to Make project for printable envelope patterns—the Invitation envelope pattern fits a 4¼" by 5½" card.

Step 3: Sort Scraps

Sort your scraps of paper by color.  Select scraps in one or two colors that coordinate with the color of  the construction paper card blank. If you have a specific idea for the card you are making, keep that in mind as you sort the scraps.

Tips: You don't need many scraps to make enough serendipity squares for your card. It just takes enough to partially cover one of the 4½" by 6" pieces of white paper.

Step 4: Make Collage Paper

Glue the selected scraps to one of the 4½" by 6" pieces of white paper. Use a generous amount of glue as you glue the scraps in random ways—don't think about it too much, just have fun. Let the scraps extend beyond the edges of the paper. Continue gluing scraps until the paper is at least half covered. Be sure all the scraps are completely glued to the paper.

Tip: Cut larger scraps into smaller pieces, or glue them as a background.

Step 5: Trim Collage Paper

Once the glue is dry, flip the collage paper over and trim away all of the paper scraps that extend beyond the edges of the paper.

Cut a 1" strip off the side and then a ¾" strip off the top of your collage paper. Set the strips aside to use inside the card.

Step 6: Cut Squares

Cut the collage paper into six 1¾" squares—don't worry if the sizes vary a little bit. For the biggest surprise, draw cut lines for the squares on the back of the collage paper and cut the squares with the paper face-down. Flip the squares over. Check the corners for any loose paper and apply glue as needed.

Step 7: Arrange Squares on Card

Take four to six serendipity squares and arrange them on the card front. Trim the squares, if needed. Once you are happy with the arrangement, glue the serendipity squares in place.

Get creative: Mix the serendipity squares with stamped images on your card front. Or make rectangular serendipity shapes to mix things up! Keep a supply of serendipity squares on hand to make more cards or to use in other paper crafts.

Step 8: Add an Award Ribbon

Cut a 2" circle out of white or yellow paper. Use a marker to write an award message—"#1 DAD", "Best Dad!", "Greatest Dad", etc. Cut two strips of paper shaped like ribbons from the same color of paper as the card. Glue the ribbons to the back of the circle and glue the award ribbon to the card.

Tip: Decorate the award ribbon anyway you like or make a circle medallion with a message. See the sidebar Tips and Extras section for ideas.

Step 7: Inside the Card

Cut 1" strips off the side and  top of a 4½" by 6" piece of white paper. Glue the strips cut from the collage paper to the top and bottom of the white paper. Trim the strips as needed.

Write a message on the white paper or draw a picture, if you like. Try something like, "Happy Father's Day!" or "You're the best dad and I'm proud to be your kid!" Keep dad in mind and what you would like to say to him .

Glue the paper with your message inside the card. Add any other decorations that you like.

That's it! Your Father's Day card is done!
Kids' Serendipity Sqaure Father's Day Cards

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