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Aunt Annie brings you Valentine's Day card projects that will please both children and adults. There are cards that are quick and simple enough to make for giving to an entire class, cards that include pop-ups, and others that offer the experienced crafter flexibility for creative and personal touches. Look for the Kid Friendly tag when selecting cards for children to make, for the Friday Fun tag on projects designed for group or classroom fun, and the Card Tutorial tag for adult greeting card crafts!

Check out the Valentine's Day Crafts for gifts and party decorations to make, and the sidebar for a Valentine mailbox idea, super quick and simple Valentines, and colorful heart ePapers to download.  For even more heart ePapers to download and print, see Aunt Annie's Digital Papers for Valentine's Day.

The card projects range in difficulty from VERY EASY to AVERAGE.

Browse this page for descriptions and illustrations of the Valentine's Day card projects, then select a card to make and have some crafting fun!

  • Cut Paper Heart Valentine Ideas Kid Friendly - This project features the art of paper-cutting to create Valentine's Day cards. You can easily make unique and striking Valentines using the included heart templates and colored and/or decorative papers.


  • Woven Heart Valentines Card Tutorial - Add the look of basket weaving to your Valentine's Day card creations by weaving together paper strips or by using one of Aunt Annie's Woven Strips digital downloads to achieve the woven-look. The card ideas presented here can easily be adapted for other holidays or occasions by changing the colors or using different cutout shapes.


  • Simple Valentines Kid Friendly - This project features quick and easy Valentine designs that are simple to make and perfect for classroom giving! Select from printable Valentine's Day card patterns with either 6 or 9 Valentines to a sheet. You likely have everything on hand needed to make these Valentines!


  • Appliqué Heart Valentines Card Tutorial - These Valentine's Day cards feature heart appliqués made with patterned papers that you can download and print. The paper appliqués on these greeting cards are made to resemble fabric appliqué seen on clothing and quilts. The project includes details for making four Valentine's Day cards.


  • Serendipity Square Cards Card Tutorial - In this greeting card tutorial, learn how to use leftover scraps of paper and cardstock to make colorful serendipity squares that can then be combined in various ways to make beautiful cards. Once you learn how to make serendipity squares, you'll never need to throw away those small scraps of paper again!


  • Valentine Pop-Up Card Kid Friendly - Learn how to make a special Valentine's Day card with a pop-up inside. When the card is opened, a heart will spring out! This simple pop-up is easy enough for children to make and offers enough flexibility for the creativity of teen and adult crafters. These pop-ups can also be added to any handmade or commercial card.


  • Pocket Cards Card Tutorial - In this tutorial, you'll learn how to make greeting cards with pockets that can be filled with little pieces of your creative art. They are also ideal for presents of money or gift cards. These pocket cards are very versatile; make several in a variety of colors to have on hand to decorate for any occasion.


  • Repeat Cards Card Tutorial - Learn to make cards using repeats of small rubber stamps arranged in threes or fours and matted. Once you learn this design concept, it can be used for repeats of any small object—paper punches, cutouts from decorative paper, stencils, and more.


  • Easy Valentine Cards Friday Fun Kid Friendly - Need to make lots of Valentines in a hurry but still want to show your creative flair? These easy-to-make Valentines are based on hearts that are cut freehand. After some simple prep work, this project is as easy as fold, cut and glue.


  • Valentine with Pop-Up Kid Friendly - Make a special Valentine's Day card with a pop-up inside. Have you ever made paper doll chains? Using that idea, you'll cut a chain of hearts and glue it inside the Valentine's Day card to make a pop-up that springs outs when the card is opened. What fun!


  • Strip Folding Heart Cards Card Tutorial - In this greeting card tutorial, make a card for Mother's Day or your sweetheart that features a framed heart motif while learning how to use a strip folding template. Once you learn this technique using the heart template, additional motifs can be made using other templates.


  • Heart-Shaped Cards Kid Friendly - Make simple and fun Valentine cards in the shape of a heart or with a heart-shaped top. Most of the cards have a circus theme, and one is especially designed for giving to your sweetheart.


  • Scalloped Edge Cards Card Tutorial - In this greeting card tutorial, learn how to make a fancy edge on your handmade greeting cards using scallops and a paper punch. For a Valentine, use a heart punch to create a lacy bottom edge.


  • Cutout Edge Cards Card Tutorial - Special edge treatments are one of the things that can set your homemade Valentine apart from a store-bought card. This greeting card tutorial shows how to add a cutout edge detail to rubber stamped or heart cutout Valentines.


  • Sponged Paper Cards Card Tutorial - See how easy it is to create custom decorative papers for use in your Valentine's Day card making. The beauty of sponging is the limitless range of color possibilities—make whatever color paper you desire!


  • Four Patch Cards Card Tutorial - Use this simple card making idea to create two beautiful Valentine's Day cards from a single 6" by 6" sheet of decorative paper. Just add a  heart cutout and your Valentine is done!


  • Stenciled Cards Card Tutorial - In this tutorial, you'll learn how to make cards using stencils and acrylic paint. For a Valentine's Day, Aunt Annie shows how to make your own stencil using a heart paper punch.


Making a Valentine is easy!
Examples of handmade Valentines

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Full sheet of very easy Valentines

Kid Friendly Print, cut, fold and glue: Make six small Valentines quickly. Also available in a black & white version.

Full sheet of nine very easy Valentines

Kid Friendly Print and cut to make nine small Valentines. Print on cardstock, front and back, for best results. Also available in a black & white version.

Heart-shaped Valentine's Day cards

Kid Friendly Make your choice of these Heart Shaped Cards.

Valentine cuckoo clock

Kid Friendly Turn an empty milk or juice carton into a Valentines Day mailbox—see Milk Carton Fun for instructions and patterns.

ePaper Extra

Heart ePaper

Tip: Use Aunt Annie's Pastel Hearts, Little White Hearts on Red and Small White Hearts on Red ePapers to make any cards in the Card Tutorials.

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