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Simple projects for craft time

Full Friday Fun

Simple projects for craft time

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Friday Fun is all about simple craft projects for family, classroom and group craft time. Some families are setting aside a time each week for family crafting fun. Why not join in the fun?

Greeting cards for kids: For pop-up cards and more easy to make greeting cards that children can create, see the projects listed in Greeting Cards Kids Can Make.

Also, check out Gifts Kids Can Make for Dad and Gifts Kids Can Make for Mom.

The projects range in difficulty from VERY EASY to AVERAGE.

Browse down this page for descriptions and illustrations of the projects in date order, then select a project and have some crafting fun! Or jump to the category index for a listing of crafts by category.

Halloween Treat Bags - Give your Halloween trick-or-treaters a colorful handmade bag filled with treats! Each bag holds several pieces of candy, two cookies, some caramel corn or a small toy. They are great for Halloween party favors, too!


Magazine Holder - Here’s a craft that is fun to do, recycles empty cereal boxes, and organizes those stacks of magazines, paperback books and miscellaneous papers around the house or in your child’s bedroom.


Vegetable and Fruit Printing - Learn how to make simple relief prints using vegetables (and fruits). This printing technique is simple enough for very young children, while being versatile enough for older children and adults. The project features the classic potato print, as well as, vegetables and fruits that are a bit less traditional in printing.


Homemade Bubble Solution - Playing with soap bubbles is pure fun and fascinates even the youngest child—cats and dogs, too. It's amazingly simple to mix a bubble solution from just a few ingredients.


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Pumpkin Seed Poinsettias - Poinsettias are the flower of the Christmas season. These brooches or Christmas ornaments made of pumpkin seeds will bring out the holiday cheer in all who see them. Make one for yourself or make several to give as gifts. Grandma will cherish a cheerful brooch made by the kids.



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